Waihau Beach Holiday House

A seaside enclave beside a secluded ocean beach

Waihau Beach Holiday House is sited on an elevated grassy ridge overlooking Waihau Beach and the small beachside village known locally as Loisel's, a nod of respect to the landowning family who for many years allowed holidaymakers from Gisborne to pitch their tents and park their caravans on the beachfront under a stand of tall pine trees for the duration of the summer holidays. The community has grown since 1990 from a single homestead into a small community of small lifestyle blocks, many built by the same Gisborne families who once camped on the beach each summer. Today there is a Gisborne District Council freedom camping site on the dunes at the bottom of the village thoroughfare for those who still take their vacations in a more transient fashion. The settlement is 42km from Gisborne via State Highway 35, with a 6km detour down to the beach. The road is winding and narrow in places and some sections are unsealed. The nearest township is 19km away at Tolaga Bay with its shops and cafes. The historic Tolaga Bay wharf and the famous Cook's Cove Walk are nearby.


Waihau Beach Holiday House is what you make of it. Waihau Beach is know for its often excellent surfing waves open to swells from nearly all compass directions and is best surfed with a northwest offshore wind which often prevails in the early mornings of summer before the sea breeze arrives to refreshen the sun-drenched local community. There are literally miles of open sandy beach to exercise and explore in both northern and southern directions. Fishing off the beach is popular and so is diving for seafood on the low tide reefs within walking distance of the bach. The beach in front of the house is excellent for swimming and sunbathing, the sand pristinely clean and the water usually an azure blue. Tread with care, as rare dottrells inhabit the dune grasses along the shorefront.  

The beach also provides a freedom camping site during the summer months.

Website and images by Gray Clapham